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Mandalas Project at Rosary School Marj Elhamam 2020
Sep 21 2020

Mandalas Project at Rosary School Marj Elhamam 2020


Our school has made several significant projects such as

Mandalas Project Report as part of the Global Living Peace project, including creating a peace mural in the form of a mandala using the paper folding artist. Origami, which is the art of quilling paper, is one of the ancient arts which is based on the principle of wrapping and pasting the ends of paper strips in different shapes and colors. The two techniques of rolling and folding paper are combined to decorate the mural, which is 2.30 meter-long and 2.80 meter- wide, and used between 25-30 thousand paper strips of various shapes, colors and sizes.

 A group of eleven students in the AS participated in this work with a group of twelve students in the A2, in addition to Peace Ambassadors, and members of the administrative and teaching staff.




Attached are some comments sent to us from the International Living Peace project by Mr. Carlos PALMA

“Comment from ARGENTINA: "Beautiful! 👏👏The art with rolled paper, in itself, has the ability to exercise fine motor skills, pulse and concentration at the time of doing it; having applied it to a mandala was a great teamwork!                                              

Congratulations to the Rosary School, who always creates spaces of Peace and a true team with its educational community”


          Lia Dollinger, Founder of Mandalas of Peace 






"Beautiful work, really the Rosary School always providing new proposals and beautiful productions. A hug and it is very exciting to see the transcendence of the mandalas. Thank you for sharing"


 (Beatriz, Co-founder of Mandalas

 De Paz-Mimos para Tus Ojos) 



“You are UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooooooooooo beautiful, is special as you, Sister Lilia and your incredible school. I am always more and more proud of you all really!”

Mr. Carlos PALMA



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